COREPEL Special Edition

A symbol of exceptional quality


The eco-friendly COREPEL floors help to create a healthy living environment and are now available in a special edition.
Made from wood COREPEL ESSENCE Balance has not only a high percentage of renewable raw materials, the wood comes also exclusively from responsible managed and FSC-certified production facilities.

Digital printing has now enabled the creation of a special edition of designs for individual spaces to really breathe in. The decors span rustic aesthetics (“Barn Wood”), intricate natural designs (“Leaf Wood”) and playful decor (“Street Art”) for vibrant spaces. Together, the three designs represent a special edition that’s the pinnacle of quality.

Digital printing makes it possible to make visions and individual design preferences for architecture and design projects a reality. This allows to implement customizing projects for e.g. stores with branded interiors and color schemes, integrated logos and slogans with ease. This type of printing is capable of producing brilliant color and brightness and fine 3D effects. Since the cylinder engraving of classic gravure printing is no longer necessary, digital printing of decors is very flexible.

The “Barn Wood” design.

Wooden floorboards with feel-good factor.


“BARN WOOD” boasts an antique wood finish that exudes comfort and calm. Its surface grain and

prominent grooves resemble the wooden floorboards in a rustic barn. This comfortable flooring

welcomes you home, a place to get away from it all.

The “Leaf Wood” design.

Delicate foliage under your feet.


UP AND COMING DESIGNERS demonstrate the capabilities of digital printing in this outstanding

apprentice project. The gentle foliage designs of “Leaf Wood” on an attractive timber finish create a

natural interior ambience, inspired by a forest floor covered in leaves.

Its delicate details and organic shapes welcome nature into every room.

The “Street Art” design.

Let your imagination run free.

INVITING ROOMS that make children feel they can play and have fun are currently all the rage. “Street Art” is the perfect floor for this. It brings a wonderful world full of variety into children’s rooms: forests and mountains, cities and farms, skate parks and airports. The pattern does not

repeat across an area measuring around 6 m2. And thanks to the modular design, laying the flooring is a piece of cake, too.



COREPEL Special Edition is available in oversize format of the ESSENCE BALANCE flooring.