Let the sunlight in and enjoy the warmth – a COREPEL floor retains its shape under any condition.

COREPEL’s floor panels fit together as seamlessly as the pieces of a puzzle. To ensure that this remains the case even when temperatures fluctuate, its wooden core is embedded in heat-resistant resin, altogether creating a bond between panels that is five times stronger than other resilient floors.

Even when exposed to moisture and high loads, the joints between the panels hold tight. Even an uneven subfloor is no problem for COREPEL. Its surface stays smooth and beautiful.

So, what are you waiting for? Open the curtains and let the sunshine in – even if you have floor-to-ceiling windows.

COREPEL always retains its form.



There is no need to worry if COREPEL ends up covered in splashes and drips – it is waterproof.

Whether Trixie’s had a little accident or someone’s spilled a soft drink, all kinds of puddles can quickly cause a wooden floor to warp. But that is not the case with COREPEL.

Have your children come running indoors, still wearing their soaking-wet shoes, after the heavens opened? That is not a problem! COREPEL’s tight joints don’t let the slightest drop of moisture through.

COREPEL floors are even suitable for use in bathrooms and laundry rooms. They don’t swell or absorb odors. Quite the contrary. They are easy to steam clean or wet mop.

As 100% waterproof also means 100% practical.


COREPEL fits in with your active life. In all the rooms that are at the heart of the home.
Sharp edges can do a great deal of damage to floor coverings. But COREPEL resists them. Thanks to its extraordinary abrasion resistance, soccer boots or surfboards leave just as few traces as animal

claws or exercise machines.

COREPEL shines in all high-traffic areas of the home – from the hall to the wet room. And, since it is resistant to the heat and cold, it is also an ideal choice for kitchens or conservatories.

Live life the way you want to.  Your COREPEL resilient floor will remain intact and beautiful – even in the most demanding conditions.


COREPEL is particularly durable and eco-friendly, containing a high share of wood exclusively from FSC/PEFC-certified sources. It is the first flooring ever to meet the requirements set out in the new DEC standard and therefore classed as a Durable Eco Composite.


COREPEL is the most sustainably produced and environmentally friendly resilient floor on the market.
It is free from PVC, harmful phthalates* and toxins.

The floor is manufactured as part of an incredibly low-emission production process and ensures exceptional indoor air quality - awarded with the with the highest certifications and labels.