With its authentic wood look, standard-format Balance Wood pairs down-to-earth robustness with aesthetic visual appeal.

Morgan Oak Nature
40442 Morgan Oak Nature
Morgan Oak Toffee
40452 Morgan Oak Toffee
Morgan Oak Beige
40462 Morgan Oak Beige
Morgan Oak Silver
40472 Morgan Oak Silver
Morgan Oak Brown
40482 Morgan Oak Brown
Norfolk Oak White
80572 Norfolk Oak White
Norfolk Oak Beige
80582 Norfolk Oak Beige
Norfolk Oak
80592 Norfolk Oak
Norfolk Oak Brown
80602 Norfolk Oak Brown
Norfolk Oak Bronze
D80622 Norfolk Oak Bronze
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Get inspired

The standard-format panels set the scene for tastefully furnished interiors. They pair beautifully with Scandi-style furnishing and selected design classics alike. Balance Wood Standard’s gorgeous wood look creates a neutral foundation that ties any space together.