Scandinavian style: Wood Classic is sleek and unpretentious. Modern yet minimal. The natural, neutral aesthetic lays the groundwork for tasteful interiors.

Albit Oak dark brown
4536 Albit Oak dark brown
Albit Oak nature brown
4534 Albit Oak nature brown
Albit Oak nature
4539 Albit Oak nature
Albit Oak dark beige
4535 Albit Oak dark beige
Albit Oak grey beige
4538 Albit Oak grey beige
Albit Oak beige
4533 Albit Oak beige
Albit Oak light grey
4540 Albit Oak light grey
Jaspis Ash white
4543 Jaspis Ash white
Jaspis Ash anthracite
4542 Jaspis Ash anthracite
Albit Oak white
4541 Albit Oak white
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Get inspired

A neutral base, the authentic wood look pulls the room together. Pair a darker stain with turquoise or watery blues o create a contemporary aesthetic.

Or combine a bleached oak floor in a sleek gray kitchen to create a mid-century modern update.