Wood Classic

Wood Classic

Set yourself apart. The timeless puritanism of Corepel Comfort Line pairs well with just about any style. So go ahead and make your space your own.

Durmast Oak white
12010 Durmast Oak white
Durmast Oak nature
12011 Durmast Oak nature
Durmast Oak brown
12012 Durmast Oak brown
Kermes Oak beige
12031 Kermes Oak beige
Kermes Oak nature
12032 Kermes Oak nature
Willow Oak beige
12022 Willow Oak beige
Willow Oak nature
12023 Willow Oak nature
Willow Oak grey
12025 Willow Oak grey
 Willow Oak smoked
12024 Willow Oak smoked
Willow Oak white
12021 Willow Oak white
Get Inspired

Get Inspired

A neutral base, the authentic wood look pulls the room together. Pair a darker stain with turquoise or watery blues o create a contemporary aesthetic.
Or combine a bleached oak floor in a sleek gray kitchen to create a mid-century modern update.